What is Service

It is a common question of many F&B or general service holder that “what is service?”
Definition of service is a large matter but I am trying to clear you about service and trying to tell you short definition of service.

Service is the Soil of F&B Section or of a restaurant, and reputation is the crops of the F&B Section or of the restaurant.

If your soil will more fertile then you can cultivate more crops and gain more reputation, more money from your business and if you are an F&B Service holder then you can get more tips and may get a best opportunity to move a reputed and largest Restaurant as a skilled and valued F&B Service holder.
So, all of peoples who are involved with F&B he/she have to try always to perform his/her duties best.
Many peoples are familiar with the name of service but they don’t know what the meaning of Service is? (I am talking about F&B).

“Service means performing duties and tasks required the Guest”.
But you have to keep in your mind that “many man many mind”.

So, to fulfill the required of your guest don’t make any crime. Guest may order you for a thing that is illegal to you or illegal in your Service place or in your Restaurant then what will you do?
If such a situation will appear in front you then try to understand or guide your guest if it don’t work then inform your immediate boss or higher authority.

So, try to understand your guest all time & all moment and always be aware about your work. Understanding of Guest is a better service and it is a better quality of a good F&B service holder.

So, Always be aware about your guest, about your service, about your place, duties & responsibility and about proper service of F&B.

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