What to Eat for Good Oral Health

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Eating healthy foods is not just for those watching their weight or counting calories. It’s for those of us who want healthy teeth as well. It’s important to consider what foods will be a healthy option for your teeth. Here’s a list of teeth friendly foods that benefit overall oral health.

Crunchy Foods:

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It’s often thought that crunchy foods are bad for your teeth, but it’s not always the case with healthy fruits and veggies. Crudité, apples and pears are good treats for you that contain loads of water. When chewed on, these foods dilute the appearance of acid in your mouth as well as increase the amount of saliva in your mouth. Generally, the more saliva you produce the healthier the mouth, gums and teeth.


Milk doesn’t just do a body good; it also does a mouth good. Milk contains a huge amount of calcium which will keep your teeth healthy and strong. Also, if you lose an adult tooth, it’s recommended to place the tooth in milk on your way to the doctor to keep the actual unit healthy.


The tree-like vegetable isn’t just a good source of fiber, it’s also a great way to keep your teeth healthy. A 2010 lab-based study in The European Journal of Dentistry determined that eating broccoli before drinking soda can prevent a lot of damage. It is also believed that the iron in the favorite vegetable helps to form a barrier between your teeth and the acid from the soda.

Dairy Products:

You know that disgusting film that you feel after eating a bunch of cheese? That sticky gloss can actually work in your favor; it will help form a barrier between your teeth and other acid based foods. The high fat content of eating a lot of dairy products can be a deterrent, but eating these dairy products helps keep your teeth strong.


When hunger strikes or nerves skyrocket, find a piece of gum. It’s not just a good dieting tip, but it also keeps your mouth healthy. Chewing gum, always sugar-free, is a great way to dislodge food particles that become stuck in between your teeth. Always make sure to check that your gum contains xylitol, since other sweeteners turn to acid when they go into your mouth.

Not all foods are created equal, so it’s important to check with your dentist to find the right foods for your mouth. If you don’t have a steady dentist, It’s important to find the best match for your mouth. Ask friends and family for a recommendation.


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