What you will do if you found anything in your Restaurant

find any thing

Restaurant is place of thousands of peoples of many minds. Thousands of peoples go to Restaurant for having Food and Beverage.
Sometimes peoples lost their valuable things in your restaurant unconsciously.
Many Waiter or staff found those things and submit the founded things in counter or to the manager and some are not submit, they try to get it himself. It is not right.
Okay know what you will do if you found anything in your Restaurant?

find things
Yes there is nice solution of the problem.
If you find something’s in your service area or in your restaurant then you must inform your supervisor or to your manager that you found something of any guest. And submit the founded things to manager or to counter. (Because when the guest feels that he/ she lost his/ her things then he/she must come to your restaurant and you should give back their things as soon as possible.) All of you have to keep in your mind that it is a most important part of F&B Service.
And then you have to note the matter in LOST & Found Book.

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